Politics & Governance of Digitalization

Research in this unit focuses on the political dimension of digitalization and governance of emerging technologies.

Our research tackles both practical and theoretical challenges of digitalisation. We look on the ways in which societies and politics attempt to govern and regulate emerging technologies on national and supranational level. We specifically study how emerging technologies interfere in the public sphere, change patterns of communication, political participation and relations between actors. We also try to uncover the political implications of digital technologies that go beyond governance or regulation and are related to the transformation of political thinking: we trace ideological and conceptual reconfigurations of contemporary digitalized societies, critically engaging with ideas and phenomena of algorithmic governance, algorithmization and datafication.


Dr. Hab. Agnieszka Vetulani-Cegiel

Professor UAM

Dr. Filip Bialy

Assistant Professor UAM

Dr. Lukasz Duleba

Assistant Professor UAM

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