Chair for Law and Ethics of the Digital Society

Research at the Chair for Law and Ethics of the Digital Society is dedicated both to the doctrinal implications of the digital transformation for private law and to interdisciplinary work at the intersection of law, economics, and computer science.

Philipp Hacker, the head of the chair, places a specific focus on the regulation of emerging technologies such as AI, the Internet of Everything, and blockchain. In this context, his research not only deals with the relationship between data protection and private law, but also investigates how technical tools can be actively harnessed to foster legal compliance and solve societal problems. Philipp has advised EU and German institutions on the regulation of digital technologies and received several awards for his research, most recently the Science Award of the German Foundation for Law and Computer Science (2020).


Prof. Dr. Philipp Hacker, LL.M. (Yale)

Professor for Law and Ethics of the Digital Society

Johann Cordes

PhD Researcher

Janina Rochon

PhD Researcher

Sarah Großheim

Student Assistant

Marco Mauer

Student Assistant

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