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Agnieszka Patecka

PhD Researcher

Contact details


Research Areas

  • (Contextual) data quality
  • Secondary data use
  • Value creation from data
  • Grounded Theory

Curriculum Vitae

Agnieszka Patecka is a PhD researcher at the Chair for Information Management and Digital Transformation at the ENS, where she studies the role of contextual data quality and teaches Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Prior to that, she obtained her Bachelor and Master of Science in International Business Administration, with a major in Information and Operations Management, from the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). In her Master's thesis, she reviewed Business Intelligence trends, unpacking the interdependence of the recent advances in the field, organisational needs and challenges related to the digital world.

In her doctoral research, she aims at building an understanding of the role of data quality, with a particular focus on contextual data quality and attempts to determine how actors work to achieve contextual data quality in order to create value from data.